How Travel Incentives Work

Learn How Our Travel Incentives Can Help You Close More Sales.

It’s pretty simple! All businesses are looking for new ways to bring in more customers, reward loyal ones, and incentivize people to keep coming back. Some people use coupons, some use discounts, some give away pens or try to raffle off a prize. You want to stand out from the crowd, and have a reward that is exciting. Travel incentives are certificates for cruise, hotel, airfare, and all-inclusive resort vacations! You pay pennies on the dollar for certificates in bulk, and then you’re able to give them away as a prize, reward, incentive, or even as a thank you to your employees for a job well done! Studies have proven that customers will continue giving their business when they believe they are receiving valuable goods and services, and when they feel appreciated and rewarded. Our vacation certificates cover both domestic and international travel destinations, and we never, ever require your certificate recipients to sit through sales presentations for any reason. Check out this video with an example of how you can use your vacation certificates!

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