Truth about travel vouchers

Are there special terms or requirements when booking a vacation?

There are conditions for travel vouchers, such as booking travel during a certain time of the week and/or season, advance notice, etc. Full
terms and conditions can be found on every voucher making the entire process transparent, providing confidence to the distributing company
and to the recipient that they’ve made the right choice. Voucher recipients will never be required to sit through a timeshare presentation or
any other sales presentation as part of their vacation.

Why should I use travel incentives for my business?

The benefits of offering incentive products are to cost-effectively increase response, participation, leads and sales. Sales Campaigns can
benefit greatly from adding a reward with a high-perceived value at a very low cost. Studies also show that Employee Incentive Programs
are beneficial in reducing turnover, boosting morale and loyalty, and increasing overall employee performance. And, Consumer Incentive
Programs that increase a company’s customer retention rate by as little as 5% can increase long term ROI by 25% - 125%!

To learn more about how travel vouchers can help your company please watch our educational videos.

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Insight provided by Sunrise Premiums Owner, Steve Kessler, the Travel Incentive Industry Leader since 1999. Sunrise distributes close to a
million travel vouchers annually and works with major corporations such as Pepsi, Canada Dry, Liberty Tax, Kars4Kids, and U-Save Car Rental,
to name a few. Sunrise provides 100% legitimate travel vouchers that strictly follow all ethical distribution guidelines, which is why we have
an A+ rating from the BBB making us the most trusted partner for your business. Unfortunately, there are companies in the travel incentive
industry that are dishonest when asked to explain how they make their money, so Sunrise is here to set the record straight!

Let Sunrise help you decide if travel vouchers are right for your business by reading our very informative Q & A below.

What is a travel incentive company?

Your partner in rewarding vacation offers to your employees when they do a great job, or to a loyal customer that makes a purchase, renews
a service contract or refers business. For pennies on the dollar, you can purchase travel vouchers, and the recipient can select a vacation of
their choosing.

How does a travel voucher work?

The recipient follows the redemption instructions located on the travel voucher. The travel incentive company works as a travel agent, booking
hotel accommodations in accordance with the voucher terms, which also includes paying out of pocket for the hotel accommodations they
book on their behalf.

How do you offer travel vouchers at such a low cost?

A high percentage of travelers require certain enhancements to their vacation request, such as extending their stay, airfare, traveling with
friends who also need hotel and/or travel accommodations, upgrading their standard room to a suite, or inside cabin to an ocean view with
a balcony, or adding a rental car. We work directly with the traveler to meet their needs, making sure their vacation is exceptional. These
additional enhancements are where we profit, allowing us to extend our travel vouchers to businesses at such a low cost. This is the key to
the travel incentive industry.

Do hotels give away their rooms for free to travel incentive companies?

One of the very creative stories you may have heard in this industry is that hotels give away free rooms to travel incentive companies,
otherwise the room would sit empty. Hotels and cruise lines do not give away free rooms or cabins to travel incentive companies. The travel
incentive company pays an agency rate directly to the hotel or cruise line.

How Travel Incentives Work

Learn How Our Travel Incentives Can Help You Close More Sales.

It’s pretty simple! All businesses are looking for new ways to bring in more customers, reward loyal ones, and incentivize people to keep coming back. Some people use coupons, some use discounts, some give away pens or try to raffle off a prize. You want to stand out from the crowd, and have a reward that is exciting. Travel incentives are certificates for cruise, hotel, airfare, and all-inclusive resort vacations! You pay pennies on the dollar for certificates in bulk, and then you’re able to give them away as a prize, reward, incentive, or even as a thank you to your employees for a job well done! Studies have proven that customers will continue giving their business when they believe they are receiving valuable goods and services, and when they feel appreciated and rewarded. Our vacation certificates cover both domestic and international travel destinations, and we never, ever require your certificate recipients to sit through sales presentations for any reason. Check out this video with an example of how you can use your vacation certificates!

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